Friday, June 9, 2017

Different Kind Of "Dear John" Letter

November 2016

Dear Christa,

I thought I would reach out to a very dear friend who is going through a hurtful situation right now.  Heard something from your past has caught you off guard and is causing you to react in fear and isolation.  I remember when you were dating John H.  and I also remember, even then, that you weren’t the kindest to him.  It seemed to me that you lacked emotional maturity to love yourself and love him, always testing the situation.  That day you decided to get an abortion you were convinced that no one would love you for yourself.  But he did.
So a few months ago you saw him at a party and apparently you were shell shocked.  After talking to you, I can hear just how horrible you felt.  Yes, he was a victim of your thoughts and actions.  Yes, he looked at you that night with displeasure.  Do you realized that while you both had a feeling of uck on that night, John has moved on and you haven’t?  He fell in love with another woman, had two girls, and lives a life of emotional happiness.  All you did was not have a second abortion and turned every man into a sport fuck.   You never addressed the issue of self-esteem – self-love.

 Now you are ready and here’s my advice to you.  We both know that John wasn’t the only victim of your low emotional self-love, there were lots of others, include yourself here.  Then you had Zane and used him as an excuse with having no time to work on yourself and for not dating and possible having someone love you for you.  Twenty-one years later I am happy to hear that you want to love yourself and others.  First!! don’t get the cart before the horse, you need to love yourself.  Then you can love someone else.  For all you know, people are waiting in the wings to love you.  REJOICE in this truth.  

But you are in the basement with self-loathing over this, now take your thoughts up to the; 
1st floor; It’s been a very long time since you have acted reckless, like 262,800 hours.  
2nd floor; No one else was harmed during this time.    
3rd floor; Start working out your love muscle with exercise and good food.  Socialize,  speak, and listen from the place of love.  
4th floor; Take a deep breath and put down the baggage of failing to act on repairing self-hate.  
5th floor; No resting on your laurels, act on building self-esteem by doing (write a list and touch every area at least once in a time frame).  It takes 44 days to see improvement - so get going.  A year from now you will have wished you started today.  
6th floor; When you experience fear, know that there is no self-love in this feeling.  Only have feelings with esteem and love in them.  If you have too, take a nap and let the moment pass.  
7th floor; WOW look! We can see the ocean view from here.  Okay, I think you got it from here.  Let self-esteem be the learning technique that accomplishes SELF LOVE and it will manifest from there.

I’d like to say farewell for now and thank you for trusting in me as a true friend. I'm someone who wouldn’t give you any bad advice and always comes from a place of love concerning you.  It’s really awesome that we will both be in the same exact place with self-love, finally.  I can’t hardly wait to see what love we will find with you as my wing-man.  Tally Ho says the Universe.

Ciao, Me (hugs)

Friday, June 2, 2017

Social Media & Museums

Subject: Instagram
Date: May 31, 2017 at 11:10:06 AM MST

Good Morning Geoff,

I grew up a rancher's daughter in Tolleson, Arizona, USA and have a love of barbed wire.  It's easy to get thru barbed wire to the other side, electricity can run on it (Ouch!), it comes in different styles, the fence posts used are just as interesting, and the general history of barbed wire is fascinating.   When I visited your site I was disappointed that you weren't on Instagram.  You should be considering joining Instagram, after watching your video about the collection, you seemed to know more than you stated in the video.  

My main purpose with the social media site, Instagram, is to view museums from all around the world.  And I would love to see your collection on it.  Other small museums, like your's, only post once a week or less.  But I SOOOOO look forward to that moment when I am transported to another art form.  And barbed wire is definitely an art form, especially in how it's made.

Have a great day & Thank You for your time & ear.
Christa Luke @theobromineaz on Instagram